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18 Times Steve Harvey Lost His Faith In Humanity

And the survey says... Disappointment!

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1. When this lady showed her freaky side:

2. When this boy stayed true to himself:

3. When this bloodthirsty family rallied around each other:

4. When Steve got his feelings hurt:

5. When this wife sold out her husband in front of the entire world:

6. When the most boring man on earth gave this answer:

7. When this woman gave a quick sex ed lesson:

8. And this woman gave a life lesson:

9. These back-to-back psychopaths:

10. When this guy crossed all the lines:

11. When this guy told it how it is:

12. When these two found common ground:

13. When this lady caught the attention of the FCC:

14. When pilots everywhere hung their heads in shame:

15. When someone threw white dudes under the bus:

16. When this woman made us all look at her a little differently:

17. And this man did the same thing:

18. And finally, when women everywhere got their revenge:

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