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21 Pointlessly Gendered Products

Can someone get me a keyboard for women? This unisex one is too big for my feminine hands.

1. Hers and his ear plugs.

I couldn't figure out why loud noises were waking me up at night. And then I realized: The pieces of foam I jammed into my ear canal weren't PINK. Once I switched to pink ear plugs, I slept like a (female) baby.

2. Pens for her.

3. Men's and women's tea.

4. Men's tissues.

5. Girls' clear tape.

6. Women's and men's shaving razors.

7. Boys' and girls' chocolate eggs.

8. Girls' energy drink.

9. Hair regrowth treatment for women and men.

Hair loss can be embarrassing, but not HALF as embarrassing as buying medication in a dark green box! Minoxidil solves that problem by offering the exact same product in an adorable lilac package (and for all you dumb boys out there, "lilac" means "purple." LOL!).

10. Beer for women.

11. Women's toolset.

12. Women's and men's electric razors.

13. Girl's microscope.

See? Girls can be scientists! As long as they look cute doing it. God forbid they're caught in the lab looking into a black microscope. Then how would they find a husband?

14. Yogurt for men.

15. Blenders for women and men.

Men need a stronger blender so they can make smoothies thin enough to drink through their penises. That's how men drink, right? I didn't have a girl-microscope as a kid, so I never learned about biology.

16. Men's and women's face masks.

17. Boys' and girls' M&M's.

18. Girls' and boys' baby toys.

19. Girl and boy gift cards.

20. Men's and women's socks.

It goes without saying that the women's hiking socks are just for pretend. Women can't actually hike! Their periods would attract bears.

21. Men's and women's deodorant.

Can someone please explain all of this to Riley?

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