11 Places NYC Locals Go To Watch The Sunset

Summer is fleeting. Go watch a sunset.

1. Astoria Park—Astoria, Queens

BuzzFeed / Erin Chack

Why go?—Astoria Park sits between the Triboro and Hellgate bridges, so the view is spectacular from anywhere along the edge of the park, especially at sunset.


Why go?—For full-frontal views of Lady Liberty with a sky on fire as her backdrop.

3. North Cove—Battery Park, Manhattan

BuzzFeed / Nathan Pyle

Why go?—To remind yourself that Manhattan is an island surrounded by water and boats and all that nautical stuff.


Why go?—Because the Freedom Tower looks best when shrouded in the light of a setting sun.

5. Roosevelt Island Tram—Roosevelt Island, Manhattan


Why go?—If you’re able to catch the sunset during the tram ride, you’ll be rewarded of breathtaking views of the East River and beyond.


Why go?—The Verrazano at sunset is a sight to behold.

7. Gantry Park—Long Island City, Queens


Why go?—Long Island City’s Empire-Chrysler view is even more astounding at sundown.


Why go?—The sunset looks even more insane reflected off the Financial District’s glassy buildings.


Why go?—With the Highline’s greenery you might forget you’re in the city for a minute.


Why go?—The Bronx has the best views of the Palisades, which look even more stunning in the setting sun.



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