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    18 Pics That'll Make You Miss Your Best Friend

    "This is us." — you, to your best friend.

    1. When you do everything together:

    2. When you're there for them no matter what:

    3. When you are the same brand of weird:

    4. When you know it's a lifelong commitment:

    5. When everything reminds you of them:

    6. Seriously, ev.ery.thing:

    7. When you know them better than they know themselves:

    8. When you find ways to stay connected:

    9. When you're each other's last resort:

    10. When you're completely synchronized:

    11. When you've done it all, twice:

    12. When you're each other's moral compass:

    13. When you have each other's backs:

    14. When you have the same hobbies and interests:

    15. When you get shit done together:

    16. When you fill in each other's gaps:

    17. When you make memories:

    18. When you can be 100% yourself around them: