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16 Photos Tourists Need To Stop Taking

Admit it, you've done at least one of these.

16. Kissing the Sphinx

Dryest. Lips. Ever.

15. Falling into the Grand Canyon

This one is pretty well executed, but many others pale in comparison.

14. Fondling the Wall Street Bull

Wash your hands.

13. Blending in with the Terracotta Warriors

Flickr: 28356093@N08

Betcha wouldn't do this if they were real warriors.

12. Doing the Rocky Balboa

In no way is this shot a knock-out.

11. Pinching the Taj Mahal

We get it, it looks like a boob.

10. Mimicking Christ the Redeemer


Unless you're Usain Bolt.

9. Using a British phone booth

Erin Chack

We know you have a cellphone, you're not fooling anyone.

8. Rubbing Buddha's belly

Perhaps this will bring you better luck with your photography.

7. Imitating the Royal Guard

At least he has as nice view.

6. Posing like the Statue of Liberty

Mary Altaffer / AP

You're free to do what you want, but that doesn't mean it's original.

5. Treating the Washington Monument like a penis

This goes for ladies too.

4. Walking across Abbey Road

Bad when you do it, even worse when One Direction does it.

3. Holding up the leaning Tower of Pisa

Omg you're so strong.

2. "Walking like an Egyptian" / Via http://Max%20Nepstad

Offensive to the people of Egypt who walk just fine, thank you very much.

1. Eiffel-towering at the Eiffel Tower


Got any goofy tourist photos of your own? Add them below!

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