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30 Photos That Prove How Different L.A. And NYC Really Are

3,000 miles? More like light-years.

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1. Breakfast in L.A.

2. Breakfast in NYC

3. Exercise in L.A.

4. Exercise in NYC

5. Celebrity sightings in L.A.

6. Celebrity sightings in NYC

7. Annoying commutes in L.A.

8. Annoying commutes in NYC

9. Winter in L.A.

10. Winter in NYC

11. Group activities in L.A.

12. Group activities in NYC

13. Being prepared for rain in L.A.

14. Being prepared for rain in NYC

15. Spoiling your dog in L.A.

16. Spoiling your dog in NYC

17. Police in L.A.

18. Police in NYC

19. Headlines in L.A.

20. Headlines in NYC

21. Crappy views in L.A.

22. Crappy views in NYC

23. Getting the perfect tourist pic in L.A.

24. Getting the perfect tourist pic in NYC

25. Meeting people in L.A.

26. Meeting people in NYC

27. Signs in L.A.

28. Signs in NYC

29. Luxury in LA

30. Luxury in NYC

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