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18 Photos Of Middle Children Being Middle Children

We're always marching to the beat of our own drum. Actually, it's not our drum, it's a hand-me-down from our oldest sibling, but we're marching nonetheless.

1. We're always doing our own thing.

2. We always picking the "alternative" hobbies.

3. We're always ruining pictures.

4. Never sure about our place in life.

5. Never getting our fair share.

6. Always neglected.

7. Always the third wheel.

8. Usually the one that sticks out from the crowd.

9. Often left out.

10. Always going rogue.

11. Always the butt of the joke.

12. Always seeking our independence.

13. Always getting ourselves hurt.

14. Usually the most inappropriate.

15. Usually the ones doing whatever this is:

16. Always misunderstood.

17. Always causing controversy.

18. And, of course, we're always keeping our siblings in line.