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    21 People Who Were So, So Close And Yet...

    (*Plus three cats, one dog, and a turtle).

    1. This slugger.

    2. This visionary.

    3. Siri's boyfriend.

    4. This all star tag team.

    5. This pup who thinks outside the box.

    6. This urban planner.

    7. This problem-solving cat.

    8. This intelligent vandal.

    9. This incredibly flexible cat.

    10. This girl who definitely hasn't had too much to drink.

    11. This slam dunk champ.

    12. This brilliant lobbyist.

    13. This cliffhanger.

    14. This future engineer.

    15. The world's spookiest ghoul.

    16. These totally efficient movers.

    17. This athlete with stellar hand-eye coordination.

    18. Upstanding American manufacturers.

    19. This turtle who's going places.

    20. Mississippi's bright and shining future.

    21. And this future Olympic diver.

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