21 People Who Prove You’re Only As Old As You Feel

I can’t wait to get old.

1. This man who can balance his entire body on a glass bottle.

And then most likely chug the contents.

2. Bernie Marks, who didn’t have his bar mitzvhah until he was 72 years old.

Because he was too busy surviving the Holocaust when he was a kid.

3. This grandpa who is sick of pussyfooting around the TRUTH.

4. This 104-year-old paraglider named Peggy McAlpine.

She jumped 2,400 feet to RECLAIM her previous WORLD RECORD of being the oldest female paraglider.

5. Bette Calman, who has apparently never heard of arthritis.

She’s in her eighties, she’s from Australia, and she’s been doing this for FORTY YEARS.

6. This man, Buster Martin, who completed the London Marathon at 101 years old*!

*Or 94 years old, he couldn’t remember which year he was born.

7. These grandparents who just want to express their opinions openly.

8. Johanna Quaas, who can still rock her gymnastics routine at 86.

I can’t even touch my toes.

9. This 90-year-old BAREFOOT WATERSKIER.

You heard me.

10. This woman, Helen Lambin, who can answer the age-old question “What will your tattoos look like when you’re 70?”


11. This sky diving senior.

I guess bingo wasn’t cutting it.

12. This woman, Olive Riley, who was one of the world’s oldest bloggers at 108.

(And also the owner of the cutest name ever). Who says the elderly can’t master technology?

13. This lady who knows sometimes you just need to have a little fun.

What are power scooters for if not bombing hills?

14. This 70-year-old power lifter, Winifred Pristell.

She started lifting to overcome obesity! AMAZING.

15. Diane Pieknik, who STARTED playing ice hockey after losing her job at 65.


And stuck with it even after fracturing her cheek bone the first time she went skating.

16. This 76-year-old man named Min Bahadur Sherchan who hiked to the summit of Mt. Everest.

Sometimes I’m too lazy to take the stairs and this guy’s climbing the highest mountain in the entire world.

17. This guy who just won skateboarding.


Rodney Mullen? Is that you?

18. This Olympian, Hiroshi Hoketsu, who was 71 when he competed.

Alex Livesey / Getty Images

He’s the oldest Olympian EVER.

19. Woody Brown, who was still surfing at age 94.

He even starred in the aptly titled documentary Surfing for Life when he was eighty-friggin’-eight.

20. This guy, Liu Xianping, who models teenage girl’s clothing for his granddaughter’s store.

He’s 72 and hey! He’s got the right figure!

21. And, of course, Betty White.


Who seems to get younger every year.

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