25 People Who Maybe Should Have Said More To Their Barber

    "Say no more!"

    1. The Listener:

    Barber: what you want? Her: Bae thinks I dont listen Barber: Say no more

    2. The Coffee and Cream:

    barber: whatchu want karolla: u know when creamer first drops in the coffee barber: say no more

    3. The Cheeto:

    Barber: What you want? Him: I had cheetos for breakfast. Barber: Say no more.

    4. The Wind:

    Barber:what do you want ? Tortas:ay it's pretty windy out Barber: say no more fam

    5. The Makeup Brush:

    Barber: What you want? Him: Lemme get that foundation makeup brush fam Barber: Say no more

    6. The Onion:

    Barber: What you want? Him: Lemme get the onion pony tail. Barber: Say no more

    7. The Dragon Ball Z:

    Barber: what you want? Him: I hear they reviving frieza Barber: say no more

    8. The Stingray:

    Barber: "what you want fam?" "Have you ever seen a stingray?" Barber: "say no more"

    9. The Aang:

    Barber: What haircut does you kid want? Me: Do you watch The Last Airbender? Barber: Say no more.

    10. The Fitted:

    Barber:what do you want? Him: I want that SnapBack look. Barber: say no more

    11. The Old Man:

    barber: what you want? him: my folks gotta stop treating me like a kid man, i'm grown! barber: say no more

    12. The Batman:

    barber: what you want? him: i need that bat-signal to save 'em hoes b barber: say no more!

    13. The Heart Monitor:

    @Bubba_dumba31 Barber: What can I do for you? Kyle: Yanno heart monitors at the hospital? Barber: Say no more..


    Barber: What you want? Him: Enhance my spidy senses forreal. Barber: say no more

    15. The Fun Guy:

    barber: what do you want? seth: ever seen a mushroom? barber: say no more.

    16. The Emoji Baby:

    Hairdresser: what do you want? Me: 👶🏽 Hairdresser: say no more

    17. The Red Sea:

    barber: whats ur name and what do u want? him: i'm Moses and i.... barber: say no more

    18. The Mason:

    Barber: "What you want Miley: "I just found 12 bricks" Barber: "Say no more..."

    19. The Salad Bowl:

    Barber: What you want? Keaton: You know an upside down bowl? Barber: Say no more

    20. The Calculus:

    Barber: What do you want Client: Do you know how to graph the parabola fx= x+4 Barber: Say no more

    21. The Towel Ring:

    Hairstylist: What do you want? Perrie: U know the thing you hang your towel on? Hairstylist: Say no more

    22. The AC:

    Barber: What you want? Him: you know the back of those old Air Conditioners? Barber: Say no more

    23. The Yoda:

    Barber: How you want it today? @smilensam: The regular fam, I want. Barber: Say no more.

    24. The Shock:

    Barber: What do you want Me: you ever stuck your finger in an electric outlet? Barber: say no more

    25. The Pineapple:

    Barber "what do you want?" Guy "gimme that spongebob house" Barber "say no more"