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22 People Who Are Having A Worse Monday Than You

PSA: It could be worse.

1. The person who is definitely going to be late for work today.

2. The guy who's going to have to claw at his breakfast like a rabid raccoon if he wants to eat.

3. The dude who won't be getting to those important files anytime soon.

4. The poor soul who won't be enjoying the chocolate doughnut she was saving.

5. The guy who somehow ruined his work pants and his desk chair in the same two seconds.

6. The person who fell victim to a "How did that even happen?!" moment.

7. The unluckiest toast-eater in the whole world.

8. The girl whose breakfast jumped from one banana to three in a matter of seconds.

9. The people who are going to end up chewing their wine.

10. The world's most unintentional fashionista.

11. The guy who almost definitely has two wet spots on his thighs right now.

12. The girl who never needed a coffee so badly in her life.

13. The people who are going to find themselves standing inside a McDonald's very soon.

14. The person who somehow dropped MORE than a dozen eggs???

15. The guy who is about to have the wettest butt ever.

16. The man who just got the rudest wake-up call.

17. The unfortunate soul who will only be buying twist-offs from now on.

18. The person who is not getting home in time for their favorite TV show.

19. The guy who will never trust another spice shaker for as long as he lives.

20. The man who's about to fully understand the meaning of the word "desperation."

21. The person who will never get the smell of dog food out from under his nails.

22. And the man who just had his spirit completely broken by a vacuum.