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    People Keep Sending Me Pics Of Their Cats Yawning And I've Decided The Internet Is A Good Place

    Send cats not dicks.

    I work on the internet, so I know as much as anyone that the internet

    can sometimes be


    But the other day, during the Zuckerberg/Facebook public hanging I tweeted this dumb thing:

    And something



    Wordlessly, without any prompt, people began sending me pictures of their cats yawning.

    1. Like this:

    2. And this:

    3. They weren't asking me for anything...

    4. ...or criticizing me...

    5. ...or explaining my own joke to me (WHICH HAPPENS A LOT, YOU GUYS).

    6. They were just like, hey, you like cats? Look at my cat.

    7. And I did. I looked at their cats.

    @_rosiekim @ErinChack I have no idea what you mean ,

    8. I looked at every single one of their beautiful, yawning fur babies.

    9. Checking my mentions became an absolute delight.

    10. Just scrollin' through hundreds and hundreds of sleepy kitties.

    11. It's really fun to pretend they're all singing Journey.



    14. I love each cat like it were my own.

    15. This is my son.

    16. I gave birth to this one. Natural! A twelve-hour labor!

    17. LOOK AT THIS ONE!!!

    18. Anyway, my point is, sometimes the internet is a fun, cool place.

    19. Where people mobilize to create a sea of yawning cats for you to float in.

    20. How lucky we are to have this great, big cat-yawning machine right at our fingertips!!!

    21. People are good.

    22. The internet is good.

    23. But most importantly: cats are best.

    @ErinChack No but really lmao why are we like this 😂❤️❤️