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    21 Penguins That Are More Awkward Than You

    Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin? Just remember; these penguins have it worse.

    1. "Shit, shit. Did anyone see that?"

    2. "I'm really glad we started this jogging group so I didn't have to do this alone."

    3. "Maybe if I bob along with the music no one will ask me to dance."

    4. *Hums quietly to himself*

    5. "I wish I could move like Shakira."

    6. "I forgot my towel, don't look at me!"

    7. "Welp, see ya tomorrow then."

    8. "Watch me dive, you guys!"

    9. "Crap—sorry—after you!"

    10. "Nothing to see here."

    11. "Ice cream truck!"

    12. "WhoOPSY-DAISY!"

    13. "Hahaha, can't catch me! OOF!"

    14. "Oh, BALLS."

    15. "I swear, this is how they do it in Europe. My cousin told me."

    16. "Damn these weak ankles!"

    17. "La la la laaaAAH la la la..."

    18. "This sure is a bumpy subway car..."

    19. "Whoa, didn't see you there, guy. My bad!"

    20. "Ummphh, mmphh...there we go."

    21. "Guys? Where is everyone going?"