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    22 Parents Who Are Still Getting The Hang Of This Emoticon Thing

    That eggplant doesn't mean what you think it means, Mom.

    1. That doesn't mean what you think it means, mom:

    2. Cool it with the cookies:

    3. It's sorta like a metaphorical hug:

    4. Maaaaahm:

    5. You tried:

    6. Yes, I got the monkey:

    7. Peachy:

    8. But it's smiling...*wp-content*uploads*files*uploads*images*funnytexts*CZ0dEVi.jpg

    9. I call this one Fertility:

    10. I might have been a Hershey's kiss at one point. Who's to say?

    11. She has the most beautiful...eyes:

    12. Get with it, Dad:

    13. Nothing will ever be the same:

    14. Oh so cool:

    15. One. At. A. Time:

    16. Humor is subjective:

    17. ???

    18. Why, what do yours look like?

    19. Same:

    20. Don't encourage her:

    21. That's one way to do it:

    22. They really do need a middle finger emoji:

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