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The Egg Emoji Is A Literal Masterpiece And It Deserves Your Respect

So smooth. So round.

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This is the most beautiful emoji ever designed. Real eggs are having identity crises over this thing.

Getty / Jeff_Hu

Pretty hard to believe that's not an actual egg strolling through the park on a sunny day but an emoji I photoshopped onto a stock photo.

I am deeply concerned the egg emoji is going to get overlooked by humanity, so I've come up with a few situations where it can be used:

1. When you're talking to your attractive bald friend

2. When you're trying to get pregnant and you want to let your partner know you're feeling especially fertile

3. When you need to reference the shape of Adam Sandler's head

4. When you have Twitter beef with some rando

5. When describing the sheen of a particular paint color to your housemate

6. When you're feeling fragile, you know, ~emotionally~

7. When your BFF wants to hook up with someone too young

8. When your friend is like, "omg I'm cracking up!!!!" and you want them to know that you're not cracking up, not even a little bit, Tiffany

9. When you're feeling a little shy

10. When you are the last person on Earth still playing Pokémon Go (me) and you're excited to hatch your 10km egg

11. When trying to describe the smell of a very specific fart

12. When discussing your favorite character on Arrested Development

13. When engaging in philosophical debates about which thing came first

14. When you're writing fanfiction about this classic emoji: 🐣

15. When explaining what your Easter eggs looked like before you dyed them

16. When using a shower with hard water

17. When describing a pair of incredibly smooth testicles

18. When you want to tell someone to "suck an egg," like on a '90s sitcom

19. When you're in the mood for an egg, duh