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    26 Times Nature Did Whatever The Fuck She Felt Like Doing

    Respect nature. She's your mother, after all.

    1. When she took your garbage and turned it into a beautiful greenhouse:

    2. When she reminded this flower it is a privilege to bloom:

    3. When she preserved this butterfly for TWO HUNDRED YEARS between the pages of a book:

    4. When she melted this mailbox straight to hell:

    5. When she beaded up this oil spill into a gorgeous work of art:

    6. When she partitioned this pond with a single tree:

    7. When she spun this river foam into a PERFECT cylinder:

    8. When she tumbled this brick wall smooth:

    9. When she snuck this little seahorse fossil into a tile:


    11. When she made this grape extra long just to mess with you:

    12. When she turned this katydid pink:

    13. When she was like, "OMG IS THAT A UFO?! Lmao jk it's just a cloud I made:"

    14. When she turned this old sandal into a habitat for sea life:

    15. When she grew four trees out of their fallen comrade:

    16. When she ran out of stems so she connected this plant with a big leaf:

    17. When she held this lil' guy up with surface tension alone:

    18. When she decided to only ruin one family's day:

    19. When she held this icicle by a thread:

    20. When she blessed this rose with two blossoms in one:

    21. When she hid this rock inside another rock BECAUSE SHE DOES WHAT SHE WANTS:

    22. When she gave this sunflower the courage to grow way up high:

    23. When she gave this gecko not one, not two, but THREE TAILS:

    24. When she allowed these flowers to continue living:

    25. When she started an entire island on a floating log:

    26. And when she made these dried flower husks SCARY AS SHIT just to remind you what she's capable of:

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