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    Posted on Nov 24, 2014

    11 Moments That Make People With Tiny Heads Regret Being Born

    This hat is not a fashion statement, it's the only way I can blend in with Normal Headed People.

    1. When you're forced to wear something with shoulder pads. / Via

    It's like a pea balancing on top of a boulder.

    2. When you straighten your hair.

    Petition to bring back the '80s, pls.

    3. When you wear your hair pulled back. / Via Warner Bros.

    It's a ned. A neck-head.

    4. When you see yourself in pictures. / Via Buena Vista Pictures

    Oh so it is that bad.

    5. When you see yourself in pictures from behind.

    Eeeven better.

    6. When people realize how small your head actually is.

    "It's like a coconut!"

    7. When people think intelligence is linked to head size. / Via MTV Networks International

    How do you explain your big dumb head, then?

    8. When wearing a hat makes you look like a cartoon character. / Via Broadway Video

    Is there no reprieve from this tiny headed existence?

    9. When you wear anything on your head, honestly.

    Someone call 9-1-1, I'm drowning in this hood.

    10. When you wear winter coats.

    Uh-oh, now everyone's going to find out you're just a popsicle stick with arms.

    11. Knowing there's nothing you can do to distract others from your teeny tiny melon.

    Be strong, my small headed brethren.

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