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    22 Memes So Bad They're Almost Good

    Cringing across the World Wide Web.

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    1. Fighting the good fight.

    2. A Charizard, eh?

    3. A person made this. A real, live, breathing human being.

    4. Is that really you?

    5. #Relatable

    6. Nice photoshopping!!!

    7. "ITS WEED"

    8. What part is the book in this analogy?

    9. "Yeah, and then put a pic of Ozzy Osbourne. Yeah, that's really gonna get 'em."

    10. It's 2016 and people are still posting this godforsaken meme.

    11. Kayla, calm down.

    12. Yeah, if I lived there.

    13. Shit is going down, for real.

    14. Does this meme take place over multiple days? Why is the shirt different?

    15. OK.

    16. HOW MANY?

    17. Can I just keep being me please?

    18. Greg, what have they done to you?

    19. You got me there!


    20. My brain aches.

    21. And that's "how" with a capital H!

    22. Are you sure you hate memes, Guy Who Created A Meme?

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