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    18 Photos That'll Make You Feel Very Small And A Little Nervous

    Do large objects make you uncomfortable? No? How about after reading this post?

    1. Do really big statues make you feel some type of way?

    2. What about really big domes?

    3. Do you have any feelings toward enormous, looming clouds?

    4. Look at this regular-sized man dwarfed by a larger-than-life wind turbine. Anything?

    5. Do freakishly large ships do it for you?

    6. How 'bout whales?

    7. Are you at all uncomfortable?

    8. Maybe just a little on edge?

    9. Just as a reminder: You are very small.

    10. And things can be very, very big.

    11. And these things can end you in approximately one second.

    12. I mean, there are fish with eyeballs the size of your head! FISH!

    13. And piles of salt as tall as mountains!

    14. And then there are, like, actual mountains.

    15. We are basically ants.

    16. Teeny-tiny lil' ant-babies.

    17. And if you think things on Earth are big...

    18.'s a reminder of how big the sun is.