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    Mar 6, 2014

    Meet Madame George, Your New Favorite Internet Cat

    Internet, Madame George. Madame George, Internet.


    This perfect collection of fur and face-parts belongs to a 4-year-old kitty named Madame George.

    Madame George was rescued from a shelter by her human, Emily Mrusko, and now the two live happily together in Portland, OR.

    Emily says it was love at first sight.

    George is 100% Persian and 100% fab-u-lous, as evidenced by this glamour shot.

    She has a ton of cool hobbies, like watching TV.

    Shopping with her girlfriends.

    And partying with her human's friends. How exotic!

    George loves meeting new people.

    She also loves celebrating the holidays.

    And she really, really loves napping (she is a cat, if you forgot).

    Follow her on Instagram: @therealmadamegeorge.

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