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23 Pictures Of Students That Will Make You Say "Me"

School is rough.

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1. When you forgot to eat before class:

2. When your boredom reaches inconceivable levels:

3. When you'd rather do anything other than study:

4. When school takes everything out of you:

5. When taking the final just isn't an option:

6. When you're perpetually broke:

7. When the stress starts getting to you:

8. When school is just another place to hustle for your brand:

9. When you've been screaming inside your head for four long years:

10. When you'd ace Business class, but your school doesn't offer it:

11. When you messed up the assignment but don't have time to restart:

12. When you try to sound like you know what you're talking about:

13. When your classmates start to feel like annoying siblings:

14. When your greatest achievements happen in the most unlikely places:

15. When you need some "me" time:

16. When you're just so done:

17. When you'll do anything to make the day go by quicker:

18. When you make everlasting memories:

19. When you just can't bring yourself to respect the system:

20. When anything's better than gym class:

21. When you join random clubs just for your college application:

22. When class is so stressful that you gotta go to your happy place:

23. And when this is you every single night until, against all odds, you finally graduate:

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