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21 Cats Who Are Too Majestic For This Earth

Such grace. Such poise.

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1. This thumb-sucker:

2. This graceful ballerina:

3. This fashionista:

4. This pretty kitty:

5. This lil' snoozer:

6. This work of art:

7. This four-legged and definitely not three-legged cat:

8. This festive lady:

9. This photogenic baby:

10. This thirsty girl:

11. This sneezer:

12. This narcissist:

13. This thirsty dude:

14. This tech goddess:

15. This smiling guy:

16. This snack lover:

17. This left-fielder:

18. This gossiper:

19. This innocent victim:

20. This brave bee battler:

21. And this wild card:

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