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25 Grandparents Who Are Never Not Funny

I can't wait to get old.

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1. This grandma who mailed her grandkids hard copies of her mirror selfie:

2. This grandpa who would rather not be painting:

3. This grandpa who just might be the world's most romantic person alive:

4. This grandma who won't let a little thing like the hospital take away her sense of humor:

5. This grandma who fought a mixer and lost:

6. This grandpa who's got puns for days:

7. These grandparents who figured out how to get people to stop messing with their TV settings:

8. This grandma who knows the right tool for the job:

9. This perfect couple:

10. This grandma who packed meats and cheese in her carry-on:

11. This grandma who found her style inspo:

12. This grandma who revolutionized spreadsheets:

13. This grandma who is learning how to text:

14. This grandma who knows how to spend a Friday night:

15. This grandma who should stay away from sticky candy:

16. These grandpas who teamed up against Kmart:

17. This grandma who isn't impressed with your log flume:

18. This grandpa who looks dashing in his grandson's Batman goggles:

19. This grandma who is just chilling:

20. This grandpa who fixed this doll the only way he knew how:

21. This grandma who had a stripper at her birthday party:

22. This grandpa who tried to order corn on Facebook:

23. This grandpa who improvised a Prince Connor balloon:

24. This grandma who follows her own rules:

25. And this grandma who took a wonderful picture of the family on Father's Day:

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