23 Hilarious Autocorrect Struggles That'll Make You Laugh At Least Once

    It's 2017 and autocorrect fails are back, baby!

    1. Sounds like a wild time:

    2. I actually prefer Froyo Baggage:

    3. Would not double-tap:

    4. Excited for the holidays:

    5. Sounds relaxing:

    6. That's no way to greet someone:

    7. Shouldn't be long now:

    8. Go to the hospital immediately:

    9. That was my nickname in college:

    10. Don't poo where you eat:

    11. Wha—what are you training for?

    12. Sounds delicious:


    14. Aw:

    15. Must've been hard:

    16. Don't let this person near the barnyard:

    17. Incredible service:

    18. Ah, yes, such ancient rituals:

    19. Up next, The Chamber of Watercress:

    20. She had it coming:

    21. He sounds like a generous man:

    22. I...do not:

    23. Please see a doctor for that: