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    19 Times People Didn't Totally Suck

    My heart.

    1. This stranger left cash so the next movie renter could buy snacks:

    2. This parking official decided not to give the people who lost their key a ticket:

    3. This neighbor plowed everyone's driveway before they had to leave for work:

    4. This generous tipper made a tired server's day:

    5. This family left snacks for the delivery truck drivers who work twice as hard around the holidays:

    6. This student didn't let his age deter him from his dreams:

    7. These cops stopped to be the first customers of a lemonade stand:

    8. These vets sent an unexpected sympathy card to a family that lost a furry friend:

    9. These neighbors shared their wildflowers with everyone:

    10. This gentleman found himself completely taken by a bank branch aquarium:

    11. This chemo nurse received a heartfelt thanks:

    12. This pedicurist accommodated all types of feet:

    13. This young man boldly introduced himself to the neighbors:

    14. This pilot left a happy drawing in the sky while practicing for an air show:

    15. This woman waited until her 100th birthday to ride a motorcycle for the first time:

    16. These college students set up a system to walk with people who don't feel safe:

    17. The stranger shipped back a wallet he found:

    18. This young gentleman offered to escort a man with a cane to his destination:

    19. And these people lined up to adopt pets that had to be evacuated from a flooded animal shelter:

    See? Things aren't always terrible!