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    19 Times People Didn't Totally Suck

    My heart.

    1. This stranger left cash so the next movie renter could buy snacks:

    2. This parking official decided not to give the people who lost their key a ticket: / Via

    "Dear Parking Official: We have lost our key. We are trying to find it! Otherwise, we have to and go get another one out of town. Please take pity on us!"

    "Driver, I sincerely hope you find your key. Consideration granted for today, June 11th, 2013. Best of luck, PCO Jim Walton."

    3. This neighbor plowed everyone's driveway before they had to leave for work:

    4. This generous tipper made a tired server's day:

    5. This family left snacks for the delivery truck drivers who work twice as hard around the holidays:

    6. This student didn't let his age deter him from his dreams:

    7. These cops stopped to be the first customers of a lemonade stand:

    8. These vets sent an unexpected sympathy card to a family that lost a furry friend: / Via

    "We know how much your pet meant to you and how sad you feel in your loss. In missing your special friend, find comfort in knowing you gave your pet a good home and a wonderful life. —Jen, Melissa, Ann, Angie, Zach, Brittany, Mark"

    9. These neighbors shared their wildflowers with everyone:

    10. This gentleman found himself completely taken by a bank branch aquarium:

    11. This chemo nurse received a heartfelt thanks: / Via

    "Nurse Kiwi, Thank you for making me feel pretty even though my hair just fell out. You are one of my favorite nurses. You give good shots and never take too much blood. I barely have blood to give so that's good for me. Thank you for being a nurse. —Meaghan"

    12. This pedicurist accommodated all types of feet:

    13. This young man boldly introduced himself to the neighbors: / Via

    "Hi! My name is ______ and I am a 7-year-old first-grader. My 8-year-old brother and I just moved to ______ with our dad. If you are a kindergartener, first-, second-, or third-grader and want to play, please come say hi!"

    14. This pilot left a happy drawing in the sky while practicing for an air show:

    15. This woman waited until her 100th birthday to ride a motorcycle for the first time:

    16. These college students set up a system to walk with people who don't feel safe: / Via

    "Have you felt unsafe on campus?

    * Discriminated against?

    * Threatened?

    * Afraid to walk around campus?

    We will walk with you."

    17. The stranger shipped back a wallet he found: / Via

    "Hey, I found your wallet. Hope your week gets better."

    18. This young gentleman offered to escort a man with a cane to his destination:

    19. And these people lined up to adopt pets that had to be evacuated from a flooded animal shelter:

    See? Things aren't always terrible!

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