21 Little Kitty Peets To Improve Your Day

    Are you sad? Look at these little paws.

    1. Hello. How is your day? Do you need some peets?

    2. Well then enjoy these fuzzy kitty peets. You've earned it.

    3. Look at these cute little paws, so perfectly aligned.

    4. Look at these fuzzy feet, all curled up.

    5. Look at these perfect kitty toes, sleepy and relaxed.

    6. Feeling better?

    7. Maybe you need some pink lil' toe beans.

    8. Or a close-up on that precious little fold.

    9. Don't ya just want to rub these little puffs all over your cheeks?

    10. Don't ya wish you could get tangled in this mess of little peets?

    11. Don't ya just want to boop these babies?

    12. Peet.

    13. Peet.

    14. PEETS.

    15. Fuzzy lil' fists.

    16. Warm toesies.

    17. Snuggly paws.

    18. Look at these shaggy ones!

    19. They're PAWFECT.

    20. Ain't nothing better than a pair of perfect peets.

    21. BONUS: Lion peets!