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    20 Lessons We Can Learn From Kids

    Lesson No. 1: Take more naps.

    1. Be not intimidated.

    Even around blood-thirsty carnivores 10 times your size.

    2. Stand out from the crowd.

    But(t) don't overdo it.

    3. Be your own hero.

    And always have pizza on the mind.

    4. Be open about your feelings.

    Even if you have to resort to miming them.

    5. Own up to your faults.

    Bonus points if you rock spikey hair while doing it.

    6. Be spontaneous.

    Live every day like it's your birthday.

    7. Follow your dreams.

    They will usually lead you to the fridge.

    8. Do your own thang.

    Don't worry if other people aren't into it.

    9. Be creative. / Via

    And nap often.

    10. Never give up.

    It may feel like you're getting kicked in the head, b--oh wait, you are getting kicked in the head.

    11. Always be curious. / Via

    But discretion is important too.

    12. Follow your own rules. / Via

    Especially if it makes homework easier.

    13. Have the courage to always be yourself. / Via

    And definitely invest in a giraffe costume.

    14. Pick good role models. / Via

    And never let anyone interrupt your shows.

    15. Question everything. / Via

    Especially the little boy in the doorknob.

    16. Learn how to apologize. / Via

    You might make some new friends out of it.

    17. Open yourself to new experiences. / Via

    No matter how terrifying.

    18. Look for opportunities in unlikely places. / Via

    And never forget the importance of philanthropy.

    19. Dance as if people are watching. Because you deserve an audience.

    And never go to a wedding without a few good moves up your sleeve.

    20. BE A STAR!

    Because you just are.

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