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31 Kids Who Are Too Honest For Their Own Good

We could learn something from these little ones.

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1. This kid who tells it like it is:

2. Frankie, who knows his place in life:

3. Liam, who will never apologize for something he didn't do:

4. This kid who will not be sending his compliments to the chef:

5. This child who is just making an observation:

6. Scott, who's just issuing a fair warning:

7. Ashley, who is keeping her schedule clear:

8. This young one who has a gentle reminder for his father:

9. This little guy who is wise beyond his years:

10. Warren, who is a realist:

11. This kid who is just calling it like she sees it:

12. This child who couldn't help but drop this subtle hint for mom:

13. This kid who will never be accused of being too hyperbolic:

14. Norma, who has some questions for the big guy:

15. This young one who is just being descriptive:

16. This little girl who only makes promises she can keep:

17. This tiny human who has a tiny request:

18. Annisa, who just needs money:

19. This little artist who can't help but create an accurate representation:

20. Joyce, who just wants to clear up the miscommunication:

21. This kid who is just keeping it real:

22. This little one who wants her feelings known:

23. Julian, who just wants to be clear:

24. This kid who can't help but play favorites:

25. This master of emotional manipulation:

26. This little one who knows how to negotiate:

27. And this one who can't help but put all his cards on the table:

28. This tiny human who would never misrepresent anyone:

29. This kid who just wants to make sure you haven't forgotten:

30. This kid who wants to remind everyone of their place:

31. And the most honest child who ever lived:

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