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Kenny G, God Of Sax, Just Tweeted Out The Best Valentine's Day Cards

Step 1: Send these to someone you like. Step 2: Fall into a deep and sensual forever kind of love.

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Happy Valentine's Day. Sensual sax master, Kenny G, has crafted some romantic Valentines to send that special someone in your life.

Ah, yes, I think you'll like this one. This is a great one to send to a crush:

And, oh yes, this one is nice. It's perfect to send to your partner:

Your lover will appreciate your subtlety with this one:

How thoughtful! The G made this especially for you and your casual hook up:

Send this one to yourself. You deserve it, you lovable beast:

Kenny G. / Via

And this one is especially great for your best friend:

Kenny G. / Via

Looking for a little Klassic Ken? He's got something for that too:

Kenny G. / Via

And the pièce de résistance. His shining jewel of Valentines. This one is sure to express your deepest sentiments to your loved one:

Kenny G. / Via

You can follow Kenny here if you're craving more saxy riffs on love from the Ringlet King.

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