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Just Making Sure Everyone Knows About The Dinosaur Game On Chrome

Seriously, it'll make you a little less sad about a bad internet connection.

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Hello, how are you? Do you use the internet browser Google Chrome?

Xifotos / Getty Images

Do you ever try to use Chrome with a bad internet connection?

Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

Then you're probably familiar with this page:


But did you know if you push the spacebar...

Geargodz / Getty Images

The little dinosaur will jump and run forward.

Me again

And obstacles will appear, which you can jump over by—you guessed it!—hitting the space bar.

Still me

I know, I know. Pretty crazy stuff.

Atic12 / Getty Images

Don't want to wait for spotty internet to play? You can test it out by turning off your wifi and trying to open any webpage on Chrome.


Happy jumping!



A kind commenter has pointed out that you can also play the game on mobile by tapping the screen to jump. Thanks, elioubeth!

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