19 Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Fall In Love With NYC All Over Again

See the city through someone else’s eyes.

1. @humzadeas


Follow for: a side of New York you’re too scared to check out yourself.

2. @sirroyston


Follow for: orderly photography of an otherwise chaotic city.

3. @drewmogenesis


Follow for: experiments with light and shadow.

4. @lastsuspect


Follow for: a geometric take on NYC.

5. @jasonmpeterson


Follow for: simple but powerful black-and-white photography.

6. @jmsuarez_


Follow for: shots that prove timing is everything.

7. @takinyerphoto


Follow for: unexpected pops of color in an otherwise gray cityscape.

8. @gabrielflores


Follow for: solid composition.

9. @alexanderrichter


Follow for: vignettes of a decaying city.

10. @mikimeek


Follow for: portraits of humanity.

11. @sweatengine


Follow for: a reminder that New York is still a natural place, if you know where to look.

12. @abrooklynsoul


Follow for: A Brooklyn-centric take on life in New York.

13. @moustachemannyc


Follow for: some great #nofilter photography.

14. @samthecobra


Follow for: photos that make you stop and think.

15. @sylviosandino


Follow for: a look at New York from across the Hudson.

16. @cxcart


Follow for: some of the best reflection photography in NYC.

17. @kurtdee


Follow for: a surreal take on New York.

18. @jnsilva


Follow for: “how’d he do that?” photography.

19. @sean___p


Follow for: thought-provoking attention to detail.

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