21 Innocent Images Made Dirty By Unnecessary Censorship

We are all 14-year-old boys in our minds. Via Reddit’s Unnecessary Censorship subreddit.

1. This harmless button mashing.

2. This helpful driving technique.

3. This unfortunate menu placement.

4. This group effort on a video game controller.

5. This trainer who’s just doing his job.

6. Everything about beach volleyball.


7. The pope’s peaceful hand gesture.

8. This accidental run-in on the basketball court.

9. This innocent pat on the back.

10. This unintentional sticker placement.

11. This awkward lotion distribution.

12. This totally legal grapple.

13. This playful hello.

14. These harmless potato mashers.

15. This innocuous champagne celebration.

16. This… I’m actually not sure what’s happening here.

17. This unfortunate microphone placement.

18. This stalemate.

19. This tame tail wash.

20. This chug-a-lug.

21. And Marilyn Monroe’s skin tone dress.

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