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    Posted on Oct 2, 2013

    24 Images That Will Ruin "Blue's Clues" For You

    Hear that? That's the sound of a thousand childhoods shattering. (NSFW language).

    1. This off-putting cultural misappropriation.

    2. And this oddly charming cultural misappropriation.

    3. Twerking, of course.

    4. This vague drug reference.

    5. This less vague drug reference.

    6. This blatant drug reference.

    7. These suggestive scenes taken out of context...

    8. That seem kind of creepy...

    9. When they're not accompanied by...

    10. An innocent storyline.

    11. This completely innocent scene given explicit sexual context.

    12. ...The kind of sexually explicit context you can't unsee.

    13. Any alternative episode suggestion.

    14. Like this.

    15. Or this.

    16. This moment of self realization.

    17. This moment of self pity.

    18. And this moments of fill in the blank.

    19. Steve's general angst.

    20. This convincing Photoshop.

    21. This even more impressive Photoshop.

    22. And this less impressive work, too.

    23. This strangely alarming development.

    24. And this honest and fascinating account of what it was like being Steve From Blue's Clues.

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