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    25 Photos That'll Make You More Uncomfortable Than They Should


    1. This tree wearing pants:

    2. This peeled lemon:

    3. This pitless avocado:

    4. This cat's haircut:

    5. This makeup job:

    6. This black toilet paper:

    7. This lowercase exit sign:

    8. This sliced bread:

    9. This wall missing a single brick:

    10. These kids posing for the textbook they're holding:

    11. This bristle-less toothbrush:

    12. This messed-up Oreo:

    13. This crime against cookies:

    14. This very public bathroom:

    15. Mario's and Luigi's human noses:

    16. This sticky fork:

    17. This floating "e":

    18. These uniform bubbles:

    19. This empty lollipop:

    20. This single window:

    21. This unstoppable blade of grass:

    22. This angular cloud formation:

    23. This stiff pair of jeans:

    24. This connecting branch:

    25. This atrocity to humankind: