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Snails Have Teeth Because The World Is Just One Big Acid Trip

Why does every science fact sound like a line from my nightmare journal?

It is my great displeasure to inform you that snails have teeth.

Chuyn / Getty Images

Yes, the animal that looks like a shell sneezed boogers all over itself has actual teeth! Like a shark or a human. TEETH.

Svetlana Kibiakova / Getty Images

And their teeth are hard!!! Some of the hardest organic material on Earth, according to some very patient scientists.

Their teeth are arranged in rows along a "radula," which is sort of like a tongue.

Snails extend and retract their tooth-covered radula to take tiny bite-sized pieces of food before swallowing.

Sorry that the world we live in is a never-ending tunnel of horrors.

Getty / Anest
  1. Complete this sentence: Snail teeth _____.

    Complete this sentence: Snail teeth _____.

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Complete this sentence: Snail teeth _____.
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