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Posted on Jan 8, 2018

Snails Have Teeth Because The World Is Just One Big Acid Trip

Why does every science fact sound like a line from my nightmare journal?

It is my great displeasure to inform you that snails have teeth.

Chuyn / Getty Images

Yes, the animal that looks like a shell sneezed boogers all over itself has actual teeth! Like a shark or a human. TEETH.

Svetlana Kibiakova / Getty Images
  1. Guess how many teeth they have.



And their teeth are hard!!! Some of the hardest organic material on Earth, according to some very patient scientists.

Their teeth are arranged in rows along a "radula," which is sort of like a tongue.

Snails extend and retract their tooth-covered radula to take tiny bite-sized pieces of food before swallowing.

Sorry that the world we live in is a never-ending tunnel of horrors.

Getty / Anest
  1. Complete this sentence: Snail teeth _____.

    Complete this sentence: Snail teeth _____.

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Complete this sentence: Snail teeth _____.
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