18 Reasons Spotify Ads Are Worse Than Dying A Horrifying, Painful Death

    I get that the company needs to make money, but I need my sanity.

    1. When you want to pick a new song but Spotify makes you listen to an ad first:

    2. When you have one song left on an album and Spotify hits you with three ads in a row:

    3. When you try to skip a song you hate and Spotify plays an ad instead:

    4. When someone's like, "You know you can upgrade to Spotify Premium and never hear another ad, right?"

    5. When the idea of paying to not hear ads sends you into a anti-capitalism-fueled rage spiral:

    6. When Spotify gets you when you're most vulnerable:

    7. When you're listening to some calming classical music and an ad abruptly starts screaming in your year:

    8. When you hear the "SO I UH..." ad on Spotify, WHICH IS SPECIFICALLY THE WORST ONE THEY EVER MADE.

    9. When you listen to a string of ads, get through one song, and then get slammed with another ad:

    10. When you realize most Spotify ads are advertising an ad-free version of Spotify:

    11. When you're listening to a two-part song and the ad ruins the continuity:

    12. When a song starts playing and you're like "Oh, wow, I forgot about this song" and then PSYCH! It's just the lead in to an ad:

    13. When you mute an ad but then you forget to unmute it and you miss four songs:

    14. When Spotify claims you're offline but has no problem playing ads:

    15. When Spotify ads are recommending music you would never listen to in a million years:

    16. When Spotify used to PAUSE ADS when you exercised your free-born right to mute them:

    17. When Spotify asks you to voluntarily watch an ad so you can have 30 minutes of ad-free music and then, once it's over, hits you with an ad:

    18. Basically when Spotify plays ads of any kind at any time: