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    How To Return A Lost Phone And Win The Internet For A Day

    Hooray good Samaritans!

    You know that feeling when you misplace your phone?

    And the world as you know it is crumbling around you?

    Well, Kim Ho does. Her friend lost his phone on a recent biking trip.


    (Warning: The right hand image is a dramatic reenactment).

    All hope was lost.

    Until her sister found this video on the lost phone's Instagram account.

    Kim wrote on her blog,

    "We called his number immediately & they answered the phone! They told us they were at the Skate Park so we biked over and there was his phone waiting for us. No harm done to the phone, they just wanted to give it back to its rightful owner! They could have sold the phone, made some good coin and continued skating, but they didn't. Instead they took a few goofy pictures and filmed this sweet video."

    The phone rescuers made it to the front page of Reddit:

    And thusly won the internet for a day.

    And the world rejoiced that good people still exist.

    You can follow the phone rescuers on Twitter: @younglungs98, @nocomplywallies, and @RyanBenjamiin.

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