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Do You Actually Love Fall?

Do you like it or do you like like it?

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  1. Click all that apply!

    Click all that apply!

    Fall is your favorite season.
    You look forward to fall all year long.
    You start talking about how excited you are for fall in late August.
    You legitimately feel sorry for parts of the country and world that don't experience true fall.
    You've uttered the phrase "sweater weather."
    Your heart flutters at the thought of boots and flannels.
    You already know which beanie you're going to rock when the weather gets cold enough.
    You wear scarves that are more fashionable than functional.
    You own a down vest.
    Thinking about wearing a hoodie on a walk outside makes you feel cozy.
    You legitimately miss your fall jackets during the summer.
    You've unironically purchased a Pumpkin Spice Latte.
    Or anything pumpkin spice-flavored for that matter.
    You love pumpkin pie.
    You've tried experimental pumpkin-flavored food, like pumpkin ravioli or pumpkin chili.
    You've gone leaf-peeping.
    You've checked the internet for a map of peak leaf-peeping in your area.
    You've taken a particularly colorful leaf home with you.
    You've thrown leaves in the air.
    And asked your friend to take a pic.
    And made it your profile pic on Facebook.
    You think orange, yellow, and red might be your favorite colors, now that you think about it.
    You've been on a hayride.
    You LOVE apple cider donuts.
    You've tasted mulled apple cider.
    And mulled wine.
    You like at least one of the three: pumpkin beer, Oktoberfest beer, or hard cider.
    You have, have, HAVE to go apple picking.
    And you Instagram at least one pic from the experience.
    And you bake an apple pie with the apples you picked.
    And you Instagram the pie too.
    You've defended candy corn.
    You've attempted to make butternut squash soup.
    You already have some ideas for Halloween costumes.
    And you can't wait for Thanksgiving.
    And also, secretly, Black Friday.
    You've dreamed of having a fall wedding.
    You have owned a scented candle with a name like Pumpkin Spice, or Apple Cinnamon, or Fall Leaves.
    You love the feeling of curling up under a throw blanket.
    You've decorated your home with either gourds or dried corn.
    You prefer picking your own pumpkin rather than buying it at the grocery store.
    And you carve it into a jack-o'-lantern.
    You even save the seeds for roasting.
    One of your favorite parts of fall is the crisp weather.
    You think fall has a specific smell, and it's one of your favorite smells.
    You love sleeping with your windows slightly cracked so you can wake up to crisp, fall-scented air.
    Seasonal hand lotions!!!
    Just taking this quiz has you psyched for fall.

Do You Actually Love Fall?

OK, so fall's not your thing! Lucky for you it's a short season. In the meantime, grab a pumpkin-flavored beer and sit tight till winter.

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You like fall — you're human, after all! — but you're not *crazy* for it. You don't huff cinnamon-scented candles and rub pumpkin guts on your face to feel alive. You think it's a fine season, no better or worse than the rest.

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Wow, you do NOT mess around when it comes to fall. This is your time! Get out there and pick a million apples and bake a million pies and live the fall-themed life you deserve!

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