How Bergen County Are You?

Take this quiz as soon as your manicure dries.

    1. 1 lived within a 10 minute drive of more than two malls?
    2. 2 gone shopping at two different malls in the same day?
    3. 3 complained about mall traffic?
    4. 4 complained about mall traffic while on your way to the mall?
    5. 5 spent over 20 minutes looking for parking?
    6. 6 driven out of state to go shopping on a Sunday?
    7. 7 lived close enough to school to walk but got a ride every day anyway?
    8. 8 known someone who has used a designer bag as a bookbag?
    9. 9 been to more than one bar or bat mitzvah?
    10. 10 gone on a date to the Cheesecake Factory?
    11. 11 driven to an overlook of the Hudson River to make out?
    12. 12 attended a birthday dinner at California Pizza Kitchen?
    13. 13 known someone who received a new car for their 17th birthday?
    14. 14 known girls who regularly got their nails done in high school?
    15. 15 worn high school athletic gear as an outfit?
    16. 16 known someone who didn’t consider themselves “prom ready” until they got a spray tan?
    17. 17 graduated high school with someone named Tony?
    18. 18 gone to a high school football game and considered that “going out”?
    19. 19 walked around the downtown area of a richer town and considered that “going out”?
    20. 20 drank alcohol in someone’s refinished basement and considered that “going out”?
    21. 21 hung out in a park after dark and considered that “going out”?
    22. 22 driven around town and considered that “going out”?
    23. 23 considered pumping your own gas “an adventure”?
    24. 24 announced your dislike of “McMansions”?
    25. 25 but had a least one friend that lived in one?
    26. 26 gotten into a heated argument over the best pizza place in your town?
    27. 27 gotten into a heated argument over the best bagel place in your town?
    28. 28 gotten into a heated argument over the best deli in your town?
    29. 29 served lasagna for a holiday meal?
    30. 30 known someone who voted for Romney?
    31. 31 caught a glimpse of the New York City skyline from somewhere in your town?
    32. 32 considered taking public transportation into the city for the first time “coming of age”?
    33. 33 had a family member that worked in NYC?
    34. 34 attended a sweet sixteen, bachelor(ette) party, or wedding in NYC?
    35. 35 considered people from Hudson County “hard”?
    36. 36 but aspired to one day live in Hoboken?
    37. 37 had a friend with a shore house?
    38. 38 gone “hiking” in the Palisades or Ramapo Mountains?
    39. 39 driven past multiple Starbucks on the same stretch of highway?
    40. 40 had a friend whose mom drove an Escalade?
    41. 41 known a 12-year-old girl who owned an iPhone?
    42. 42 witnessed someone wear a Juicy velour jumpsuit in public without a twinge of irony?
    43. 43 witnessed multiple people wear the same Tiffany’s charm bracelet in the same day?
    44. 44 witnessed an entire gaggle of girls wear black North Face fleeces, leggings, and Uggs?
    45. 45 referred to a middle class area as “ghetto”?
    46. 46 uttered the words “But South Jersey isn’t even really Jersey though”?
    47. 47 written the numbers 201 on an online profile?
    48. 48 had a landscaper regularly visit your property?
    49. 49 been drunk at a diner at an unreasonable hour?
    50. 50 defended Bergen County with a fiery vengeance?

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