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    23 Mistakes That'll Make You Laugh Harder Than They Should

    Hey, it happens.

    1. This perfect backdrop:

    oh so no one was gonna tell me there was a big ass penis behind my head for my senior pictures???

    2. This mix-up:

    3. This amazing presentation:

    Burnt my chicken strips so much it turned to charcoal 🤕

    4. This classic "I don't work here":

    this lady just asked me if I had a size 6

    5. This strange wording:

    my mum makes picking me up sound so deep

    6. This taste of the good stuff:

    my cat figured out how the fridge works and now he's turnt on fresh, crisp water

    7. This misplaced confetti:

    8. This to-do list:

    9. This phone hack:

    When I edit my insta pics I send them to Austin mahone just so they'll save to my camera roll..after 3 years of thi…

    10. This rogue highway sign:

    11. This regretful read:

    help so my cousin got upset after reading a fan fiction where harry styles dies and now she's been peeling potatoes…

    12. This Speed addiction:

    Hi uh there's a minivan parked on my block that has a couple dozen VHS tapes of the motion picture SPEED on the das…

    13. This multidimensional photo:

    Bro I thought she was grabbing the other girl wig 😭😭😭😭😭

    14. This make-out crime scene:

    My lipstick looked so good today too

    15. This translation:

    16. This find:

    A girl drop a $20, being a nice guy I tried giving it back but she yelled "I have a boyfriend" welp now you broke y…

    17. This time traveler:

    Who would've guessed I'm @Caradelevingne 's dad

    18. This last resort:

    19. This interpretation:

    20. This Blizzard test:

    21. This assumption:

    my teacher commended me for taking such good notes today but i was really just writing the lyrics to real slim shad…

    22. This announcement:

    23. And this truly remarkable graphic design:

    Guy 1: OK. Nail polish on the hand means it's a woman. Guy 2: You can't see the other hand's nails. How do we make…

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