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Here's What Happens When You Ask A Bunch Of Adults To Label Male And Female Reproductive Systems

I guess you could say there's a "vas deferens" between ladyparts and manjunk.

We asked a bunch of grown adults to label diagrams of male and female reproductive systems. This is fifth-grade science, so it should've been easy, right?


1. Some of the gentlemen were a little too liberal with euphemisms.

2. Some folks were apparently too hungry to take science seriously.

3. One poor soul didn't believe in his own prostate.

4. This dude had an overly simplistic, if not entirely inaccurate, concept of how biology works.

5. Someone had been playing too much Legend of Zelda.

6. Some people were clearly terrified of vaginas.

7. Or huge fans of the P.

8. Some people were just confused in general.

9. One person clearly had potatoes on the brain.

10. Extra points for referring to the penis as "DA DICK" but minus points for being terrified of your own bladder.

11. And finally there were some who straight up didn't understand the assignment.


12. The ladies started out strong but were quickly distracted by the amount of tubes.

13. Others got confused between the penis and basic plumbing.

14. Some were a little confused where girls pee from (it's OK, it happens to the best of us). Extra points for "tush."

15. Some were unnecessarily descriptive. I'm looking at you, "loose vagina hole" and "jizz tube."

16. And others knew their own bits but not their male counterpart's.

17. And finally! A perfectly labeled map of both sets of genitals! Hooray!