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Harry Styles Is Cool And All But Let's Talk About His Drummer Sarah Jones

Siri, how do I become Sarah Jones?

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It all started in April 2017, when Harry Styles was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

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My mom texted me and was like, "Hey that Harry Style boy is on SNL tonight are you gonna watch" and I was like, "Omg mom no I'm gonna YouTube it at work on Monday like a normal person geeze."

So Monday came, and I watched it. The Harry Style boy was dressed like a fancy couch and he performed like he was tired of waiting for a bus to arrive, which I liked a lot. / Via Broadway Video

Sing to me while we wait for the Q100, couch boy.

I noticed he had a drummer of the female persuasion and I thought to myself, "Oh, cool." / Via Broadway Video

And then I immediately forgot all about it.

Fast forward to today, when I stumbled upon this performance on The Graham Norton Show (it's also from April, BUT I'VE BEEN BUSY) and I was reminded of something...

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Her name is Sarah Jones, she's from Hereford, England, and contrary to this photo, she has two normal-sized ears:

Instagram: @pillowpersonpp

MORE FACTS: She's in her mid-to-late twenties*, she's been drumming since she was 13, and she's been in a bunch of bands your cooler friends have probably heard of.

Instagram: @pillowpersonpp

*I am having trouble nailing down a birth year, let's say soft 27?

Such as:

Hot Chip!

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Look at her up there, just wailing as the skins, which is something I've heard an adult say once.

Bat for Lashes!

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Yeah tickle those tom toms, Sarah!

And her own band, Pillow Person!

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Anyway I figure if I play drums for the next thirteen years straight I can be Sarah Jones by the time I'm 40!

You can learn more about Sarah from this great Tom Tom Mag interview, or you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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