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    Nov 14, 2013

    Graffiti You'll Only Find In Canada

    Stop being so nice, Canada, it's pissing us off.

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    1. Canadian graffiti isn't afraid to boss you around.

    2. It's presumptuous.

    BuzzFeed / Erin Chack

    3. It'll talk smack about yo mama.

    4. It encourages deviant behavior.

    BuzzFeed / Erin Chack

    5. It dabbles in inappropriate language.

    6. It makes selfish proclamations.

    BuzzFeed / Erin Chack

    7. And open threats.

    BuzzFeed / Erin Chack

    8. It's bombastic.

    BuzzFeed / Erin Chack

    9. It's graphic.

    BuzzFeed / Erin Chack

    10. It generalizes about groups of people.

    11. It pushes its lifestyle onto you.

    BuzzFeed / Erin Chack

    12. It often has lofty expectations.

    13. Or unresearched claims.

    BuzzFeed / Erin Chack

    14. It rejects authority.

    15. It's not afraid to make personal attacks.

    16. It's very in-your-face Canadian.

    17. Like, suuuper Canadian.

    18. We would say it's unapologetically Canadian...

    19. But it's actually apologetic in nature.

    20. So we'll just say it's reeeally Canadian.

    21. Yeah, yeah. Relax, Canada.

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