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24 Gifs That Are Better When You're High

Please smoke responsibly.

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1. A baseball being crushed by a hydraulic press:

2. A controlled fire-tornado:

3. Magnets aligning:

4. A spider crab molting its shell:

5. The life cycle of a giant bubble:

6. A dog drinking water in slow motion:

7. A time lapse of a day in arctic summer, when the sun never completely sets:

8. A pitcher's arm while throwing a breaking ball:

9. A time lapse of fans leaving Wembley stadium:

10. A mimic octopus blending in with its surroundings:

11. A time lapse of braces straightening teeth:

12. An illustration of how a key opens a lock:

13. A drag racer's tire:

14. A straight pole passing through a curved opening:

15. A time lapse of a pinecone blooming:

16. The demolition of a railroad bridge:

17. A storm upending a tree:

18. The underside of an ocean wave:

19. An orange peel interacting with an open flame:

20. An uncommon view of a giraffe:

21. A ship displacing water:

22. The constant zooming on a street in New York:

23. Jet-skiing through a canyon:

24. And the growing patterns of this certain, special plant:

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