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35 Very Fake Fruit Facts

These are 100% not true at all.

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1. Limes are just unripe lemons.

2. The word for plum in Spanish literally translates to "testicle."

3. You can turn an apple into a pear by placing a rubber band around its middle as it's growing.

4. Up until the early 1900s, bananas were deemed "too phallic" in state of Rhode Island and were subsequently outlawed. Residents had to travel to either Connecticut or Massachusetts to eat them.

5. A peach pit is lethal to humans if consumed. Dogs are immune to them, though.

6. The ugli fruit isn't named after its appearance but after the man who discovered them (he was very ugly).

7. The black-seeded watermelon went extinct in the late 2000s.

8. Cranberries aren't actual berries but the very tart bulb of the cranberry flower.

9. The pomegranate is most closely related to corn. In fact, the French call the pomegranate "maïs gothique" or "goth corn."

10. The honeydew lobby pays to be featured in fruit salads.

11. A strawberry gets it name because early discoverers of the fruit thought it tasted like dry grass.

12. A grapefruit contains enough acid that, when concentrated, it can dissolve a car battery.

13. There are always an uneven number of green grapes per bunch and an even number of red grapes per bunch.

14. Agricultural scientists created an orange-colored apple in the late '80s but decided not to bring it to market after early focused groups consistently found it "off-putting."

15. Kiwis got their name when a very drunk woman mistook the fruit for a bird.

16. The avocado was invented in 1963 by cross-planting a green pear and a dragon fruit.

17. You can test the ripeness of a guava by throwing it against a wall: Ripe ones will bounce back. Over ripe ones will explode.

18. The skin of a mango can be used as a temporary band aid in emergency situations.

19. A dried peach is called a "pooch."

20. A single blueberry contains enough pigment to dye 12 feet of fabric.

21. Queen Victoria used to put a cup of blackberries next to her bed ward off ants. She thought the berry looked like a cluster of decapitated insect heads, which would intimidate the ants.

22. Clementines, tangerines, and oranges are all the same fruit at different stages of growth. Mandarins are a separate plant, though.

23. When pineapples were first brought to America people thought they tasted disgusting because they didn't know to remove the outer shell before biting into them.

24. People magazine once voted the passion fruit the Sexiest Fruit Alive.

25. To grow a date palm tree, you must bury two seeds in the same hole. The fruit gets its name because the seeds are always coupled like they're on a "date."

26. Blue raspberries were farmed to extinction in the '70s but we still use their synthetic flavoring in candies today.

27. Cantaloupe are grown by giving a watermelon 50% less sunlight and water.

28. Coconuts are strikingly genetically similar to chimpanzees.

29. The scientific term for two cherries joined at the stem is "pairies."

30. Banana grow straight and become curved from the shape of the baskets they're transported in.

31. Nectarines are individually waxed to remove their peach fuzz.

32. It's still illegal to say the word "kumquat" in a house of worship.

33. There is a slightly smaller version of the papaya called the mamaya.

34. No one has ever eaten an apricot.

35. And goji berries aren't berries at all but the eggsacks of a large red insect of the same name.

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