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    22 Examples Of Penmanship So Perfect You'll Be Like Oooh Myyy Goood

    So smooth so uniform so perfect. Via r/penmanshipporn.

    1. Just look at these perfectly crafted instructions:

    2. Drool over these uniform notes.

    3. Let this casual lettering wash over you.

    4. Are you seeing this 2? I want to start a family with this 2.

    5. These biology notes should be famous. They should have a show on E!

    6. Can you even stand this cursive!!!

    7. I literally wish my name was Abby.

    8. I can't even understand this, but I'm in love with it.

    9. This note is aggressive yet all I can feel is love and gratitude.

    10. IS THIS A FONT?

    11. This January has more style than Anna Wintour.

    12. Wow. Just wow.

    13. Allegedly, this is the handwriting on an EIGHT-YEAR-OLD. In other news: I hate myself.

    14. I'm changing my name to Blueberry Muffins.


    16. What a gorgeous "Argh."

    17. Have you ever seen a more beautiful "blue"?

    18. These notes should be president.

    19. I MEAN 😍😍😍

    20. This whiteboard will never be the same.


    22. And finally, gaze upon the greatest comma to ever exist.