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18 Robots That'll Make You Say "Me When I'm Drunk"

You've had enough.

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1. When your friend gives you a ride home but you still need help getting to the door:

2. When someone challenges you to a game and you're like "Psh, yeah I got this":

3. When you're trying to find the bathroom at the back of the bar:

4. When you try to walk down the street and you keep telling yourself "DON'T LOOK DRUNK":

5. When getting into your house is harder than getting into a pair of freshly washed skinny jeans:

6. When you stop at the store on the walk home for a couple of boxes of pizza rolls:

7. And when you try to make the pizza rolls back at your apartment:

8. When your friends jokingly give you a field sobriety test:

9. When you try your hardest to appear sober:

10. When you think you can dance:

11. When you find yourself on the ground and you need a moment:

12. When you can feel yourself being sloppy but you have to concentrate on staying alive:

13. When stairs take great concentration:

14. When you see yourself in the bathroom mirror:

15. When you could've sworn there was a step there:

16. When you realize you need a bathroom, like, NOW:

17. When you finally crawl into the safety of your bed:

18. And when you try to watch a Netflix show before bed:

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