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32 Things Every Job Should Have

A girl can dreeeam.

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1. Four-day work weeks, obviously

2. A soundproof room for crying

3. A soundproof room for screaming

4. Armchairs instead of office chairs

5. Free lunch

6. Free dinner

7. An all-day cereal bar

8. A La Croix water cooler

9. An option to take sabbatical for a year

10. A study abroad program with the international offices

11. Filters that turn emails into tweet-sized messages

12. Summers off, like in high school

13. A dog employees can take for a walk when they need fresh air

14. Cats that sleep in your lap while you're at your desk

15. Game room

16. Nap room

17. Free gum

18. A recess to play outside for an hour

19. Meetings that take place on a ropes course so everyone has to pay attention

20. Free daycare in the building

21. A break room...where you get to break things

22. Sweatpants dress code

23. A barista who makes you a special drink every day

24. An in-office therapist

25. Substitute bosses who let you watch a movie

26. Bike pedals attached to your chair so you can work out while sitting at your desk

27. 18-year maternity leave

28. 100% 401k matching

29. Up to three hangover sick days a year (any more than that is excessive)

30. Year-round summer Fridays

31. Personal bathrooms on personal floors

32. Student loan forgiveness

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